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Changing Property Managers is Simple

If you are self-managing or you’re not satisfied with the service with your current property manager, make the switch to us now.

We will do the work for you with minimal disruption to your tenants.

Switch to us is easy, it only takes two steps:

  1. If the property is currently managed by yourself, just fill out a Change of Landlord Form and provide the Tenancy Agreement to us. If the property is managed by other companies, sign a Property Management Transfer Notice.
  2. Sign a Property Management Agreement and Authority, this will enable us to act on behalf of you.

Once the two steps are completed, we will start contacting your current property manager and take care of the process for you. Once we have taken over the management, we will complete a detailed inspection report with photographs for your property, you are most welcome to join us on the inspection.


Do we need to sign a fixed-term management agreement with you?

Do you cover areas not close to your office?

Do you do casual letting?

How do you assess market rent?

What is Landlord Insurance?

How do you pay us?

If the property is vacant, do you still charge me?

How do you provide us with records and information?

Who pays water supply?

What is your point of difference?

How to switch from our current property management company?