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Why OneCall?

We are very proud of what we are doing and the service we are delivering every day. At Onecall, you will be dealing with the same property manager who is concerned with property interest since we took over the property. We are investors too, we own and manage our own investment properties so we know where are you coming from and protect the best interest of yours.

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Why choose us?

We will stick to our core values in all our dealings with you.

No Minimum Contract Term

We will provide 24 x 7 Support via email

We do video advertising for your property to reach more tenants.

We use the most advanced property management software in New Zealand to conduct routine inspections and provide photos and written reports.

We have a trust account to collect your rent, it is non-interest-bearing and your money will be safe.

We know it is utterly important to have a reliable income, we have 97.3% of our tenants pay their rent on time

Low Vacancy Rate, our properties on average are rented 98.2% of the year

Free Rent Appraisal for Management Client

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