Office Administrator

CC Cheng

CC Cheng has a Master degree in business and management from the University of Waikato. Since coming to New Zealand in 2014, She has a deep understanding of New Zealand’s local culture and market. Years of experience as an account manager in the retail and financial industries enable her dealing with clients from different countries and cultural backgrounds in a flexible way. She can quickly build a good relationship with them and help them achieve their needs. At the same time, her undergraduate accounting experience has made her more sensitive to numbers and logic. She likes to use specific data to accurately describe facts. Scientific thinking not only helps her improve daily work efficiency, but also allows her deal with the complicated daily affairs in an orderly manner. 

With enthusiasm for the industry and expectations for future development, she decided to join the real estate industry. With the accumulation of relevant knowledge and experience, she hopes she can use her enthusiasm, meticulousness, professionalism and sincerity to solve problems efficiently and quickly for clients, and provide a comprehensive one-stop service.


Mobile: +64 22 377 8753