Zero Tolerance Policy for Late Rent Payments

At Onecall Property Management, we strictly practice a zero-tolerance policy for rent arrears. Here are the steps our property managers take when rent is late:

Day 1 and 2: A text message, phone call or email is sent to you to provide you with a friendly reminder.

Day 4: If the tenant is unable to be reached and / or have not paid, they will be issued a 14-Day Notice to pay the arrears.

Day 14: If the situation has not been resolved, an application to the tenancy tribunal will be lodged under Section 56 of the Residential Tenancy Act.

When the 14-Day Notice expires, if the situation has not been resolved then the application will stay lodged and Tenancy Services will send through the confirmation of the application. At this stage, the Tribunal will offer assistance in a mediation process, where an agreement may be reached with the tenant (i.e. a payment plan or a set period of time where the tenant will resolve the arrears).

If no agreement can be reached, a court order is issued for the tenant, where consequential clauses may be applied. When the order takes into effect, the tenant is required to pay the outstanding balance and vacate the property immediately. Further tribunal action may be taken to finalise the tenancy if necessary.

Once the tenant is over 21 days in rent arrears with no resolution reached, the landlord is able to apply for re-possession of the property under Section 55. An eviction will follow if the problem is not fully remedied.

If your rent payment consistently falls behind, your lease won’t be able to be renewed at the end of your lease. This will also affect your reference check if the new landlord or agent is required.