Moving In - Things To Know

        During the initial inspection, our property managers will go through the following with tenants:

  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Payment of Rent – How we would like you to pay your rent; and
  • Bond Lodgement Form – Sign up for the lodgement form. (Especially, the same signature/s is required when you complete the Bond Refund Form to get your bond back.); and
  • Initial Inspection Report – Record the house condition on the report, record the initial water meter reading, and highly recommended that you also take plenty of photos to record it; and
  • Zero Tolerance Late Rent Policy – We expect the rent to be paid in advance before the starting of your rent cycle; and
  • Repairs and Emergency Repairs – How to contact us; and
  • Provides you the property keys – At this appointment, all the move in cost should be received and confirmed by us.


      After Moving In, be sure to let your bank, road department, and other essential institutions know of your address change.

if you would like to duplicate keys:

Can the tenant duplicate keys? The answer is yes. However, please note that our property managers will need to retrieve all keys back, including those given to you at the beginning of tenancy as well as the copies. If you change the lock during tenancy, you are obligated to provide us with a full new set of keys for property access.

    if you would like to update us with the Property Condition Report: 

If the tenant would like to update the initial condition report, please return it to us within 7 days of the tenancy start date.

If you should get Tenant Contents Insurance 

At Onecall Property Management Ltd, we strongly recommend that tenants take out their own tenant content insurance.

If your goods are damaged or destroyed in a storm, fire, power outages, etc., the owner's insurance will not cover your loss.