Explanation For Rent In Advance & Water Payment

 Rent In Advance

The concept of Rent in Advance is simple and easy to understand. It's like paying for hotel accommodation when you make the booking, instead of when you leave. Some renters ask for "two weeks' rent in advance" when they leave, thinking they will be able to treat it like a bond at the end of the tenancy, but this is not the case.

When the tenant moves in, the initial move-in cost usually includes the first two weeks’ rent in advance, thus the first rent payment after the move in cost should be made before the third week begins. If the commencement date of your tenancy agreement takes into effect on Monday, the rent payment should reach our company Trusting Account on the following second Sunday after you start the tenancy. If you are using other banks instead of ASB, please set up your automatic payment on the following second Friday in order to ensure that your rent payment arrives on time.

Here’s an example:

A tenancy agreement begins on 1 February (Monday). The tenant pays 4 weeks’ rent as bond and 2 weeks’ rent in advance. The 2 weeks’ rent in advance pays for the 1-14 February. The tenant has to pay the rent in advance for the third week (15-21 February) by 14 February (Sunday) at the latest. If you use another bank instead of ASB, we strongly recommended that you pay your rent on 12 February (Friday). Therefore, your rent payment can reach our Trust Account on the coming Monday. We can process the payment successfully as usual to owners on Monday fortnightly. 

 Water Payment 

At Onecall Property Management Ltd, tenants are not asked to pay Fixed Water charges with us.

Each water bill consists of three sections, Water Consumption, Waste Water Consumption, and Fixed Water Charge, respectively. We will send you an invoice by email, which contains the amount you need to pay (only the volumetric water and the volumetric wastewater charges) after deducting the amount of the Fixed Water Charge.

Please note that the water bill should be paid to us directly. When you manage your water bill payment, you should use the same account as you used to pay your rent. In particular, please associate with proper detail, property address-water-your name, as reference, particulars and code, respectively.

**All water bill payments should be made to our company Onecall Property Management Ltd Trusting Account rather than to Watercare or the Post Office.

Once again, there are several essential issues to be aware of during the water bill payment process. When paying the water bill via Internet Banking, please make sure that:

  • Using proper tenant detail as reference, particular and code; and
  • Separating water bill payment with your rent payment as it may be allocated to your rent account; and
  • Payment must be made before the deadline, which is included at the bottom of each invoice.