During Tenancy

 General Repairs

All general maintenance requirements must be submitted in writing.

Once you have discovered anything in your house that needs to be fixed or repaired, please email or text your property manager to get it done, preferably with photos attached. We receive a bundle number of phone calls every day, sometimes may forget about it if we are told the matter on the phone while we are driving or on the inspection or viewing.

 Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs refer to those that may cause injury to the tenant or damage to the tenant’s property. Please phone your property manager directly when you encounter the relevant situation.

We have listed the following relevant examples:

  • Hot water service failures.
  • Failure or breakdown of essential service or appliance on the premises for cooking.
  • Water pipes have broken or burst.
  • Serious storm, fire or impact damage.
  • Flooding.
  • Serious roof leaking or gas leaking.
  • Blocked or broken toilet.

 Routine Inspections

Yes, we do inspections regularly on a three-month interval basis. It is very important that you assist our property managers with reasonable access. The owner’s insurance company counted the inspection interval by days, so the house must be checked regularly. If our property managers can’t enter the house because of your unreasonableness, the liability will be passed to you. Our property managers try to work around our tenants, however, we can’t do every house inspection at the weekends.

Legally, we can give a 48-hours' notice and then access the property by using the key that had been stored in our office. However, we would love to meet you at home so we can discuss possible maintenance and make our recommendations to the owner. Please do not be offended if you are reminded for the cleanliness or the gardening to be done after the inspection, which is part of our job.

What we expect during the routine inspection

The most essential issues to be covered in our routine inspection are shown as follows:

As for the interior areas, our property manager wants to make sure that:

  • the carpet is clean and free from stains; and
  • all the windows and screens are clean; and
  • the kitchen oven/stove/rangehood is free of grease; and
  • bathrooms, laundry and toilet are clean, the shower screen is free of soap scum; and
  • all the rooms are accessible.

As for the exterior areas, our property manager wants to make sure that:

  • the lawns are freshly cut, edged and maintained; and
  • gardens are tidy and presentable, weeds are removed; and
  • rubbish and lawn clippings removed; and
  • no unregistered cars on the premise; and
  • oil stains removed from carports and driveways; and
  • swimming pool cleaned if you have one.

If the tenant is allowed to have a pet, make sure that all/any dogs are properly restricted for the inspection.